As ever-expanding sources of natural gas converge on the industrialized world, companies and governments need to quickly and accurately assess the quality of gas flowing through the pipeline and/or being delivered to the consumer. Vergence is able to make this information accessible, in real-time like never before, so critical decisions can be made in a more timely and intelligent manner.

Vergence GasPT2

The Vergence GasPT2, designed by GL Industrial Services (GL) and licensed worldwide and exclusively to CUI Global, provides a low cost solution to measure gas quality. When connected to a natural gas system, the GASPT2 can provide a fast, accurate, close to real time measurement of physical gas properties such as thermal conductivity, speed of sound and carbon dioxide content. From these measurements it infers an effective gas mixture comprising five components: methane, ethane, propane, nitrogen, and measured carbon dioxide and then uses ISO6976 to calculate the gas quality characteristics of calorific value (CV), Wobbe index (WI), relative density (RD), and compression factor (Z).

Benefits of the Vergence GasPT2

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Fast response time
  • Low/zero  maintenance
  • Wide operating range
  • Supports calculation of gas properties
  • No carrier or reference gases required
  • Flexible MODBUS communications interface
  • Small footprint

Applications of the Vergence GasPT2

  • Energy metering and meter correction
  • Network Monitoring – Distribution & Transmission companies
  • Gas blending control - LNG importers
  • Industrial process control – large industrial users
    • Gas-fired combustion processes
    • Gas Turbine controls
    • Engine and Compressor controls
  • Discussions with Regulators on Fiscal Metering

GasPT2 Presentation

A detailed overview of the GasPT2, including background, components, inferential calculations and software, testing, and approvals and test results.

See the GasPT2 Presentation

GasPT2 Specification

A short form specification showing input/output information and the benefits and applications of the GasPT2.

Read the GasPT2 Specification